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Envision3 Group, Inc. is a full service Phoenix, Arizona Environmental Firm providing a broad range of environmental consulting including but not limited to mold testing, mold inspections, asbestos inspection, asbestos testing, asbestos management, site assessments, indoor air quality assessments, mold testing, remediation design and implementation, lead based paint inspections and field services to a wide variety of clients. Our personnel are committed to providing prompt and professional environmental services. We pride ourselves on the increasing number of private, corporate, and government clients who exclusively use Envision's services to solve their complex environmental and regulatory concerns.

Our Services:

We Direct Bill Your Insurance

Asbestos Bulk Sampling

Asbestos Inspections - Residential and Commercial

Mold Testing and Assessments

Asbestos Final Clearance Air Sampling PCM & TEM

Flood Damage Assessments

Fire Loss Inspections

Pre-Remediation Mold Testing

Post-Remediation Air Testing

Environmental Design and Project Management

Cost Estimating

Certified Mold Inspectors

Regulatory Compliance

NESHAP Inspections

Expert Witness/Litigation Support

Mold Analysis

Mold Inspection

Mobile PCM Laboratory

Indoor Air Quality Investigations

Our Mission:

We are a full service Arizona environmental consulting firm founded to enable our clients to respond to their environmental concerns. To achieve this, we have brought together a team of professionals to address our clients individualized issues precisely, responsively, and comprehensively.

To utilize a high degree of professionalism, confidentiality, and integrity toward environmental problem solving and create a successful company with a rewarding work environment that attracts extraordinary environmental professionals, while maintaining a business philosophy that focuses on long-term client relationships based on trust, respect, and efficiency.

By instituting a positive and empowering work atmosphere, we encourage individual and team development. We support team members to contribute to our industry and our community through professional and civic organizations. We believe these are essential elements for responsible and long-term growth.

Integrity is the base from which all our services are carried out. Integrity fosters our pledge to give our clients quality work and cost-effective value. These principles direct our decisions as we build a profitable corporation which reinvests in its future and that of its employees.

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